What is a Ghost Blogger?

  1. A Ghost Blogger takes the time, energy and hassle out of blog writing.
  2. A Ghost Blogger aims to boost your website traffic and bring in more customers for sales.
  3. A Ghost Blogger will save you money.

If you want a well-read, regularly up-dated and imaginative blog, then it’s worth considering a Ghost Blogger. A Ghost Blogger works closely with clients to ensure that a website blog or news page is filled with highly readable and interesting content; the sort of  highly readable and interesting content that will boost your search engine ranking and increase visitor traffic to your website.

  • A clever Ghost Blogger will write on your behalf. So a Ghost Blogger is rather like a Ghost Writer, but specifically focused on blog writing.
  • Ghost Bloggers are not you, and so they will not pretend to write as if they are you. This would just seem fake and too obvious (especially to your colleagues, friends and family).
  • Instead, a Ghost Blogger aims to update your blog with lively articles and news that are relevant to your business or product.
  • A Ghost Blogger will think up ideas, research the topic and post a well-crafted and grammatically correct blog to your website as often as you require. (I recommend at least twice a week, but not necessarily every day.)

In short, a Ghost Blogger is a vital cog in your business, looking after your blog so you don’t have to.

NB: Not sure what a blog is? Then see this What is a Blog?

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